Three Reasons to Join the Youth Leadership Program

Three Reasons to Join the Youth Leadership Program

If you are a parent of a student who was invited to participate in a youth leadership program during the summer (or you yourself are an invited student), you should definitely give this opportunity some serious consideration. Whether you are interested in a summer high school medical program to prepare for a potential medical school, or you want to do another type of program, this educational assignment can have several great benefits. Here are some of the benefits that you or your high school students can enjoy.

1) You / Your Child Get Exposure in Higher Education

Although secondary schools try to prepare students for college by placing them in accelerated courses and offering community services / extracurricular activities to improve transcripts, not much this school can do to expose students to real campus life. Although adjusting to college can be surprising for some new students, this does not apply to students who attend the youth summer school leadership.

School atmospheres are where these programs are held-college campuses, in particular. This can give participants the chance to explore a particular campus to see if they like it, spend some time test-driving dorm living, and much more. If the student feels comfortable on campus during a summer program, he or she may feel more confident once the time comes to actually take the leap and go away for school long term.

2) Learn Skills That Regular Classrooms Don’t Stress

Even more importantly, the skills that teens can learn during selective summer programs are useful and necessary for success in life. These skills can include problem solving and critical thinking, social skills like cooperation and effective communication, leadership, and more. By being challenged with a variety of different personalities, including teachers and other students, as well as a myriad of learning-based tasks …

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School Leadership Training and Key to Kingdom

School Leadership Training and Key to Kingdom

It is not uncommon for school leaders to be sabotaged by parents, students, teachers and board members. In fact, it is inevitable if someone really leads. People in the school community sabotage their leaders for a variety of reasons, from the small to the serious. Sabotage by Board members or Board members is the most dangerous sabotage for all school leaders.

Speaking of shortsightedness

I once jokingly suggested in a board meeting during Fannie Mae’s financial crisis that we should consider getting some accounting advice from Fannie Mae. I think our Treasurer, an employee of Fannie Mae, will accept my comments in jokes that are well addressed. God knows, the conversation needs to be lightened up a bit. Sadly, he felt offended and would not accept my apologies. In the following months, he sabotaged my leadership, Finance Committee meetings, and Board decisions with devastating results for the school and education of our students.

As I reflect on that period of time and the destructive behavior of my Treasurer, I realize that I or my Council Speaker must take action to overcome sabotage. In fact, we must work together collaboratively to stop it immediately.

Frankly, I just don’t know what to do

The situation is very complex. Politics on the board is brutal. I feel that I cannot discuss it with my Council Speaker, given the close relationship between him and the Treasurer. Basically, a rogue board member acts with impunity because of his personal relationship with the Chairperson of the Board.

Hindsight is better than foresight.

I realize now that I can take constructive action to overcome sabotage. Actually, the knowledge and ability to take the necessary actions is within me. I can’t access it. I don’t need someone to teach, train or advise me. I need someone to talk …

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