Transition Arranging From Higher School to College

Transition Arranging From Higher School to College

A story is told about a very profitable executive organizing an enterprise trip to Detroit. The strategy was to have face to face meetings with an influential client to further the company’s goals. Tickets had been bought, car rented, hotel booked, meetings scheduled and occasions confirmed. On the morning from the meetings, the executive took the pre-ordered map out on the glove division and started to map out his route (certainly pre-GPS occasions).

Attempt as he may he couldn’t uncover his location, streets were wrong, addresses did not correspond as well as the executive was becoming anxious that not simply was he lost but was likely going to become late. The executive pulled the car or truck over and took a short assessment of the situation; the plan was sound, everything was properly prepared ideal down towards the map. The executive then looked a lot more closely in the map and laughed out loud; the rental auto enterprise had left the wrong map within the glove division it was a street map of Denver, not Detroit. There was no way he would get anywhere in Detroit utilizing a map of Denver. The executive pulled in to the next gas station, purchased a Detroit map, and made his appointment slightly frazzled and with just minutes to spare.

We use this story in our Transition Arranging Lecture to illustrate the value of ‘mapping out’ the planned route for post-secondary options for our children. The ‘trip’ to this location will appear various for a lot of students and families; nevertheless, using the correct map all students can be productive in reaching their final location.

THE Program:

The dictionary definition of transition is movement, passage, or modify from 1 position, state, stage, topic, notion, etc., to a further.

So to plan for the transition …

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