8 Dumb Ways to Find Coupons and Promo Codes from the Comfort of Your Home

8 Dumb Ways to Find Coupons and Promo Codes from the Comfort of Your Home

These days, every shopper is looking for ways to save. Whether it’s to get an item on a discount or to get some for free, shoppers are always open for anything that doesn’t shake up their wallets. One effective strategy is to find and use coupon deals and promo codes.

You probably have heard that you have to be smart when searching for these offers. However, smart strategies don’t always lead you to the best coupons. The best place to start is CouponsCause as every smart shopper may be using similar strategies that you are banking on. Well, if wisdom doesn’t work, then try stupidity. So as you can understand what we are talking about, here are dumb ways you can employ to get the offers:

Leave Your Cart

It may look stupid to add items to your cart and instead of closing the purchases, opt to leave the cart. In the mind of the retailer, you have expressed willingness to buy and it’s the cost that has scared you. So, they’ll try to woo you back to the store by sending you a discount coupon. Though not all retailers do this, it might be your lucky day for landing a crazy deal.

Specialty Offers

It’s quite common to find retailers offering coupons and promo codes to special groups such as students, the military, and senior citizens. If you belong to such groups, you can sign up for the special offers. Even if you don’t belong to a specialty group but knows someone who does, you can use them to sign up for the special deals. Additionally, you should remember to sign up for birthday coupons.

Sunday Papers

Some people consider searching for coupons in the Sunday Papers to be old fashion and dumb. Though this may be partly true, it doesn’t rule out the fact that newspaper coupons are still relevant and that they are waiting to be found. So, you can always wait for your Sunday copy at home to check out these deals. In case you fail to get a copy, just look for someone who has it.

In-Store Magazines

Like hunting for coupons in Sunday Papers, scouring for coupons from in-store magazines is considered by some people to be dumb. The interesting part is that in-store magazines always have special discount deals which often go unnoticed. So, playing a fool may actually help you land the best deal. You just have to ensure you regularly subscribe to the in-store magazines of the store you frequently visit.

Just Ask

There’s a reason why every brand has customer support. They are there to take your questions and provide directions. So, take advantage of them being there and inquire about the existence of promo codes and coupons. This is more important if you are specific about the kind of special deals you are targeting. Besides, calling the customer desk allows you to inquire when specific deals will be available in case they are not at the time of asking.

Coupon Swapping

Nowadays, there are so many social media groups for swapping coupons that you can join. You also have the option of forming your own coupon swapping group if joining existing ones does not appeal to you. Such groups allow you to exchange coupons and promo codes that you don’t need at the moment for those that you honestly need. It’s more of barter trade. The strategy may look dumb but it’s a very effective one.

Express a Compliment

Every brand likes positive reviews, especially when they come from customers. At times, they respond to compliments by offering special coupons and promo codes. So, why don’t you try this strategy? You actually don’t have to inquire about the deals but to just compliment the store instead of launching a complaint.


Because of the small saving value attached to most coupons, some shoppers don’t see the essence of collecting and using the coupons given to them. So, they often drop them around the neighborhood, on the roads, and parking lot. What if you collect these coupons when you step on them and put them together for future redeeming? This is what we are calling Wombling and it’s an effective way to score huge discounts. The more coupons you collect, the high chances you have to save more.

Sometimes, playing dumb is as effective as or even more effective than being smart. This is with respect to searching for coupons and promo codes. Using the above dumb ways, you are guaranteed to find the best offers that you can use to claim massive discounts.